Start up

  • Your first step.

RB Law believes in encouraging the young to start their ventures and achieve their endeavors. We at RB Law are 100% focused on helping startups get their legal compliances done safely and in a timely manner. We believe in going far beyond simply consulting. Right from the inception of idea, we want our clients to focus on their business, and leave all the rest from company registration to annual compliances on us. 

Our dedicated team helps you ease the process of:

  • Company registration
  • Annual compliances
  • Company Policy Framework
  • Financial Structuring
  • Employment and HR Policies
  • Intellectual Property

Being a young company ourselves, we are well versed with not only the latest amendments of national and international laws, but also the start-up industry. We understand the latest technologies, and the importance it has to play in your venture. We also consult and help you gain benefits under various government schemes for upcoming ventures, while not putting a burden on your finances.