Corporate Commercial Advisory

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RB Law specializes in providing business and legal advisory services centered around a company’s day-to-day activities, regulatory services, legal compilations and complications and governance matters.
Our list of clients includes multinational corporations across the globe, especially India, US and UK, both public and private. We also work closely as an advisory body for start-ups and small businesses to help them succeed in their endeavors.
We advise our clients in the following fields:
• Governance and Management
• Regulatory framework
• Legal compilations
• Structuring, Insolvency and Capital Financing
• Competition Law
• HR and Employment
• Policy Framework
• General Infrastructure
• Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
• Taxation

All our corporate clients are dedicated a team of lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries that help them with practical and profitable solutions pertaining to their business. We have an experience of having advised fortune 500 companies regarding the employment, HR policies, POSH compliance, in India and internationally